From Trash to Treasure: How to Make $1,000 Selling Your Pre-Owned Items

The Resale Revolution: How to Make Money from Buying and Selling Used Items


By Andrew Lokenauth

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When it comes to buying and selling pre-owned items, there are various applications available in the market that can help you turn your unwanted possessions into cash. These apps are ideal for individuals looking to earn some extra money or declutter their homes:

  1. Facebook Marketplace — a free platform that lets you advertise your listings directly from your Facebook account and dispose of items quickly. Trade items with locals.
  2. OfferUp — a prevalent option with over 90 million downloads, letting you effortlessly list items for sale and search other users’ listings in your area. Features a built-in messaging system for smooth communication with potential buyers.
  3. Letgo — user-friendly and fast, with a built-in chat feature that makes it one of the most convenient apps for disposing of your old belongings.
  4. Poshmark — the ultimate app for buying and selling fashion accessories and clothing, boasting a large user base and features like bundling items and negotiating prices with potential buyers.
  5. Mercari — the go-to app for selling a wide range of items, including clothing, electronics, and household goods. It has a user-friendly interface, buyer protection, and easy shipping options.
  6. Craigslist — a trustworthy online marketplace where you can sell and purchase used goods of all kinds. With years of experience, it has gained a massive following.
  7. eBay — a top-notch platform for purchasing and selling all kinds of items, including used goods. It offers auctions and outright buying options and has a massive user base.

To protect your personal information while using any of these apps, take necessary precautions, such as meeting with buyers and sellers in public places. Be wary of fraudulent activity and scams.

Have you used any of these?

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