The Big Difference Between Networking and Relationship Building

Stop Networking And Start Relationship Building
2 min readFeb 13, 2024

The golden rule of networking: It’s not about what you can get.

Relationships aren’t transactions.

If you’re the person who only reaches out when you need a favor, people will start avoiding you.

But if you’re the one checking in, sharing a laugh, or offering a helping hand without expecting anything in return, you become the person everyone wants to know.

Imagine two people.

1. Person A only calls when they need something.

2. Person B checks in just to say hi, ask how you’re doing, and genuinely cares about the answer.

Who would you rather help out?

Focus on building real relationships and adding value. The rest will follow.

Be the friend who reaches out just to say hi.

Ask how they’re doing. Celebrate their wins. Offer support during tough times.

What’s going on in their life? Any challenges they’re facing that you can help with?

A strong network is built on meaningful connections, not favors.

The more time and effort you put into building non-transactional relationships, the bigger, better, and stronger network you’ll build.

Strong relationships will open doors to job offers and new opportunities in your career and personal life.

Investing in relationships is the ultimate Return on Investment.

Forget networking — start relationship building.

Your network is your net worth.

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