WEEKLY RECAP — Most Important News This Week!

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

1) A new bill banning hedge funds from owning single-family homes in the US has been introduced in the Senate.

2) President Biden forgives another $4.8 Billion in student loan debt.

3) The US economy grew by 5.2% in the third quarter — its fastest since Q4 2021.

4) Mortgage demand is up 14% as rates fall to their lowest levels since August. Mortgage rates have fallen for the 6th straight week.

5) The biggest chicken and tuna companies in the U.S. have been found guilty of price-fixing.

6) Marijuana is now legal for over half of America.

7) Fidelity’s Spot Bitcoin ETF has been listed under ticker $FBTC.

8) $AMD shares are up 8% following the rollout of new MI300 AI chips.

9) Energy stocks fell as oil prices dipped below $70 per barrel to their lowest since June.

10) Bitcoin prices continue its rally above $44,000 to hit a 20-month high.

11) The US Senate has blocked the Ukraine funding package.

12) Moody’s cut China’s credit outlook to negative on rising debt risk.

WHAT A WEEK! What else would you add?

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