10 charts that every investor should know (that I wish I learned 10 years ago)

3 min readMay 23, 2023

By Andrew Lokenauth

1) Warren Buffett is worth ~$100 Billion and recommends investing in the S&P 500. S&P 500 returns over the last 40 years:

2) The S&P 500 is a group of America’s largest companies and has returned ~11% each year. S&P 500 returns over the last 100 years:

3) Bear markets are where long-term investors can create a lot of wealth! Anyone in their 20s or 30s should consider market drops a blessing and invest for their retirement:

4) 10 biggest market crashes:

5) The S&P 500:

6) Investing your money is the key to building wealth, not saving it. How to become a millionaire by investing $300 per month (assumes 10% return):

7) How much do you need to live off your investments? Retirement isn’t an age, its an amount in an investment account. Here is how to calculate how much you need to retire:

8) Create generational wealth, not generational debt. How to make your child a millionaire with $40 a month:

9) The S&P 500 represents 500 of the best American companies, making it a convenient investment option for most people. Rather than relying on a single company, you’re diversifying across 500 of the best:

10) Nobody can time market bottoms. Dollar-cost averaging can smooth out market fluctuations:

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