Everyone’s talking about GPT-4. Here’s what you need to know

The GPT-4 Phenomenon: It can process videos, images, speech, and text. It will transform the future of work

4 min readMar 15, 2023

By Andrew Lokenauth

In this edition, we dive into GPT-4 because it touches on many topics such as making additional money as an entrepreneur, as well as the influence of AI on the future of work and the economy. Let’s get into it!

GPT-4 is a groundbreaking AI technology revolutionizing fields like web design, legal services, and video game development. Let’s cover some of GPT-4’s capabilities, applications, and impact on various industries. It will shape the future of work, so let’s discuss how you can leverage its potential to make and save money in 2023.

1. GPT-4 revolutionizes web development. GPT-4 can transform an image of a sketch into website code, to create fully functional websites:

2. GPT-4 streamlines the legal action process. DoNotPay is using GPT-4 to generate lawsuits against those annoying robo-callers who keep trying to sell you auto warranty insurance:

3. GPT-4 can develop an entire video game for you, even without having any coding expertise. It successfully replicated the classic game, Pong:

4. GPT-4 has shown outstanding performance on academic and standardized tests, including the Bar Exam. In a simulated Bar exam:

  • ChatGPT achieved the 10th percentile
  • GPT-4 reached the 90th percentile

5. Several of OpenAI’s partners, including Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Duolingo, Stripe, and Khan Academy, have already begun incorporating GPT-4 into a variety of applications.

  1. Stripe capitalizes on GPT-4’s capabilities to enhance its fraud prevention measures, ensuring secure transactions for its users.
  2. In the realm of language learning, Duolingo employs GPT-4 to facilitate more immersive conversations, elevating the user experience and fostering effective communication skills.
  3. Morgan Stanley, on the other hand, harnesses the power of GPT-4 to optimize its knowledge repository, streamlining information management and improving access to valuable insights.

6. GPT-4’s remarkable capabilities extend to the detection of issues in Ethereum Smart Contracts. In a notable instance, a Coincase Director employed this AI-driven tool to identify security vulnerabilities and potential areas of exploitation within a contract. By utilizing GPT-4 in such applications, the reliability and security of blockchain technology can be significantly enhanced, mitigating risks and ensuring the integrity of digital transactions.

7. Microsoft has announced a major development in the integration of AI technology with search engines, revealing that Bing now operates on GPT-4. This implementation showcases the potential of GPT-4 in improving search efficiency, delivering more relevant results, and enhancing the overall user experience, setting a new standard for information retrieval and access in the digital age.

GPT-4 presents numerous opportunities to make and save money through its versatile applications. Here are 7 ways to make & save money with GPT-4:

  1. Resume writing: Optimize resumes using AI-assisted writing, increasing the chances of securing job interviews and reducing the need for professional writing services.
  2. Virtual personal assistants: Employ AI-powered personal assistants to handle scheduling, reminders, and task management, improving organization and time management.
  3. Legal services: Streamline the process of drafting legal documents and analyzing contracts with AI-generated text, reducing time and costs.
  4. Code generation: Facilitate software development and web design by automating code generation, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  5. Automated code review: Enhance software quality by utilizing AI assistance to detect errors or vulnerabilities in code, minimizing the need for extensive manual reviews.
  6. Content summarization: Save time and effort by generating concise summaries of articles, reports, or documents, allowing for quicker access to crucial information.
  7. Sentiment analysis: Gain valuable insights by analyzing customer feedback and reviews, enabling data-driven decision-making and enhancing customer satisfaction.

As GPT-4’s capabilities continue to evolve, various job sectors may face significant changes. Here are 12 jobs that could potentially be replaced by GPT-4:

  1. Customer support: Implementing chatbots and automated systems, diminishing the reliance on human customer service agents.
  2. HR services: Employing AI-driven recruitment tools for resume screening and candidate matching, possibly replacing some human HR professionals.
  3. Basic programming tasks: Generating code and troubleshooting errors, potentially supplanting entry-level programmers or developers.
  4. Legal document review: Streamlining analysis and summarization of legal documents, potentially reducing the need for paralegals and junior attorneys.
  5. Proofreading and editing: Identifying grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, possibly replacing proofreaders and editors.
  6. Online tutoring: Implementing AI-driven tutoring systems for personalized lessons, potentially replacing some human tutors.
  7. Data entry: Automating data entry tasks, reducing the need for human data entry clerks.
  8. Translation services: Automating translations, leading to a reduced demand for human translators.
  9. Language tutoring: Offering language learning support, potentially replacing some language tutors.
  10. Market research analysis: Analyzing large datasets and generating insights, potentially replacing market research analysts.
  11. Personal assistant services: Utilizing AI-driven personal assistants for scheduling and email management, potentially replacing human personal assistants.
  12. Content creation: Generating blog posts, articles, and social media content, potentially replacing writers or copywriters.

GPT-4 is changing the landscape of various industries and paving the way for a more efficient and automated future. This AI-powered technology is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and businesses. GPT-4 is making it easy to make money as an entrepreneur in 2023.

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